Razer Blade 15 (2019) Review – The Best RTX Notebook

So friends, I have to admit that I really like this laptop, and now I have a better one. Therefore, my whole experience with advanced model Razor Blade 15 2019 is welcome, it is a machine that has a full refund of three thousand dollars: RTX 2080, it has a dual-channel RAM of 16 gigabytes, and 512 gigabytes of NVME storage. So, you know that we will pass through a scene that cools down my experience with the body. 2

Razor blade 15 (2019) review:

Well, let’s come first in manufacturing quality. I will compare this machine with a laptop with Windows along with MacBook Analog Just because this whole aluminum case is very similar to the MacBook.

But here we have a black plan instead of silver and do not bow down anywhere. The edges are very sharp, so the name of the razor blade is suitable for this type of body, and compared to my recent experience with MS IP65, whatever you click on this machine does not do it, and it makes me happy it occurs.

But black aluminum case, although it feels great, leaves fingerprints everywhere and everywhere inside. Since it is also completely aluminum, it is unfortunate. It’s impressive how thin the device is that the RTX 2080 is set to the maximum. Thus, the portability factor is not a problem, and as a replacement for desktop computers, this is ideal.

Now the port of your choice is quite rich with a large number of connectable display and incredibly attractive Thunderbolt 3C as well as a green USB connector and a combo microphone for headphones and gaming headphones. However, there is no Ethernet, which you will find on the base model rather than better models, and there is no device to read the SD card, which is a type of failure. I do not really like the new electrical connection. Since the cable is so thick now, the fact is that you can keep it on front or back.

But if this is targeted at you, then it blocks the closest USB port, which is a design flaw, and although the power supply itself is compact, the cable itself is not as it is so thick that it bends easily And the bus is really unpleasant to visit. From today, the keyboard is great for everything except the game, because the distance of the movement is small. So to type, this is a good click, a quick bounce, you know, we can customize it very easily. But if your hand is always in this area, then you expect the key to move more into the body during the game, but it is not so. A small highlight here is an inconvenience to the error in the lower right corner. Since you expect to be a question mark next to the offset, but instead your up arrow is located.

But I like the integration of lighting system with bright lighting and many impressive effects. I love the fire, and the keys are super bright, and the secondary key is now lit at the end. The trackpad is quite big and is also great, like the smooth navigation on the keyboard when there are precise drivers, and it is much better than everything I tried on a Windows machine or a Windows laptop. Apart from Dell’s options like my MSI p65, there are also Windows Precision drivers, but this is very much responsible. Now speakers are properly lit with a decent projection volume and Nicholas clarity.

I really like the built-in Windows Greeting feature, so when you are a face we can log in. But this does not get me often when the light changes, like you, you have to enter your PIN. It’s unfortunate, and the webcam is inactive. So this is a great 720p webcam quality, it’s awesome, and just for comparison, there is a better selfie mode in the iPhone 10s. And my favorite thing about laptops is the 144 Hz display, which is very fast and useful for the game, but on desktop and very good for general use during editing. It’s full HD, so resolution is not a problem for six 2080 maximum Q, but the important option is only available for model -Tx 2070. Therefore, if you are going to trick RTX 2080 max-q, then you do not have 4k option which is weird but I do not remember the 4k in six inches 4k Full HD is enough for me.

Razor Blade 15 Super Review:


Thus, the gaming performance is completely decomposed. The Razor blade 15 is really great. We only have full HD resolution, so there are not many pixels to click and six 2080 max-qs and in games where ray tracing is available, you know. Performance reduction with RT enabled is very important as a desktop card, so I would like to advise you to play BF 5 with RTX or XDR in RTX 2080 and play in Exodus Metro with RT enabled. Because performance is very spectacular in itself, but now the entire beam is visualized by tracing frame. Now, a serious problem when it comes to RTX max q variants and graphics processors for laptops inside these laptops, it is that the speed of the clock increases only depends on the cooling, which relies solely on the brand. is. And so the razor’s work is to provide adequate cooling for GPU and CPU to ensure maximum clock speed. And that’s why cooling in this car is really great. My maximum Q-card load and never exceeded 76 degrees Celsius under BF5.

I received about 1600 MHz for continuous clock pulses, while in other games, I covered about 40 100 MHz. Thus, the cooling depends, or the clock depends on the cooling, and the temperature limit for the video card is 76 degrees Celsius. For the processor, the temperature was quite stable between 87 ° C and 89 ° C and was between 2.5 GHz and 3.9 GHz continuously. A good acceleration on some courses, but did not agree on the 3.9 curd throughout the session, and it was diverse on the basis of temperature and view. And also, of course, this machine is great for video production. See this rendering time as compared to my main PC workstation and MSI p65. So it’s almost equal to the one I get on 9900K and 2080 Ti. So for video creation, this thing is fantastic.

Now this laptop has three display modes: balanced gameplay, manufacturer and game balance, and they are almost identical to power. Now GPUs and CPU are almost the same as you can see during the fire. But in Creator mode, this reduces GPU frequency to 800 MHz and sends all the power to the processor. That’s why he can support high clocks, so just keep this in mind. For the levels, the car is almost silent and looks like a regular job. But when I present or play with fans, especially if I give a speed of 300 to 300 turns, then the car gets quite fast. The ability to update the cover here is quite simple, where we have two slots of RAM.

The top one is covered with a GPU ribbon cable, so you should be careful when removing it and reaching this top ram slot, and we also have this nvme SSD on the left side. And this is due to battery life with a light use scenario. I was able to use 5% of the computer and 4 hours before going to sleep mode. But it is with a screen brightness of 75%, 144Hz etc. for 3000 dollars. Even in a laptop you can find a single processor, which costs $ 800. But, of course, we have a solid-state drive RTX 2080 maximum Q, and with complete quality of 144 Hz and this complete performance, it seems that is very well completed.

I am particularly impressed with the cooling capacity of this cooler with the Steam Chamber for the graphics processor. You know that it reaches 76 degrees Celsius, and this is its throttle range, while the processor, which you know, sits comfortably, as if you are below 90 degrees. But still quite regularly 23.9, and, in fact, the main reason for my disappointment, whether it is the belief or not, will be an electric cable that sounds ridiculous. But why should he be so thick, he bends easily and does not really suit completely. Like design, you know the idea process behind this machine. With the full Max-Q profit on the basis of the laptop manufacturer, and, fortunately, Razor did an outstanding job to maximize the performance of the deal without any agreement.

Ok guys, so this is my experience with the Razor Blade 15, wherever I go, this thing will surely travel with me, because performance in this form factor is amazing, and yes, I am very happy that this thing In my collection

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