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Best PDF Reader For Android – View & Edit PDF Easily

PDF is one of the most widely used file formats. Most documents or forms you upload online are in PDF format. This is popular because you can easily create embedded PDF documents in charts, pictures, tables, etc., without spending a single penny. Due to the complexity of PDF files, you can not open them in the text editor. So You need a PDF Reader For Android.

If you are a student, you had to deal with the situation while editing the documents, but in most cases the document files are in PDF format, and we all know that PDF does not allow us to edit the document. Had given.

Best PDF Reader For Android:

There are many popular PDF readers for Windows. Android devices can not be able to open PDF files by default if they do not have PDF reader installed.

Many popular office applications support PDF files but provide limited features. Even most PDF readers are only suitable for reading and editing office documents, but do not provide a satisfactory experience on reading ebooks. Here we have prepared a list of the best PDF reader apps for Android, which is easy to read, edit and share documents.

1. Foxit Reader – Free PDF Reader & PDF Viewer:

PDF files are opened quickly with FOXIT, you can easily control orientation, adjust text to fit the text, adjust brightness and change the background to read comfortable in all situations. This PDF reader for Android provides all the necessary functions to view and edit PDFs. Compared to other PDF viewers, the app is easy and has a fast interface. This allows you to share your edited PDF files directly to Facebook or Twitter. The app contains a color picker that users can use to change the background color of the PDF document. It has the ability to turn night mode and to move files. This allows users to navigate to a specific page of the document. Download Foxit Reader – PDF Reader For Android.



2. Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Adobe Reader is a common choice for many users when it comes to reading and editing PDFs. With Adobe Reader, you can email your SD card, any PDF files stored on Google Drive, or open it in your phone. It has adequate functionality and excellent compatibility with the documents, so you can also look at the most complex PDF files in the form that they intend. The software allowed users to read and edit PDF files. It is still used by millions. Why is this? Well, Adobe updates it regularly. AR provides many tools to create a pleasant experience on the desktop PC to read. Apart from this, there is a separate section with Dropbox support. If you have saved a PDF file in your Dropbox, you can view and edit them directly from your phone. The best part is that this app does not display any ad. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader – PDF Viewer, Reader For Android.


3. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor:

Xodo has a fast PDF viewing engine and offers smooth navigation. Users can access any PDF files from their documents or any web page, as well as create new PDF files and add them to a new folder. Xodo PDF Reader stands out due to its lack of weight and depth of feature set in its range.

Despite its name, the app is not just a PDF reader: You can also create new PDF files using images from the images or office documents. XODO allows you to sort PDF documents and modify them by name or date. It also allows users to edit the phone’s storage or files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive services.

Xodo is the most popular Android application for PDF Editor, which offers many great features for editing any PDF file using XoDo (PDF Reader and Editor), you have everything in one version, as You can write a PDF here, in PDF, highlight important lines of text and underline, sign documents as well and Some files are required to fill in.

The app is equipped with a document viewer with night mode to read in multiple tabs, full-screen mode, bookmarks, low light, and you can also set sleep mode on the screen. However, the original PDF viewer engine is exactly what matters, and Xodo works very well.

In addition, you can open an existing image to create a new PDF file or convert JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF files into PDF files. This feature-rich app is one of the best PDF apps for Android. Also, it’s advertising-free. High scaling factor, page cropping, and full-screen mode help focus on the material, and night mode makes it easy to read in dark conditions, and the universal search tool and table of contents support you in the key areas of the file Allows to drill down. Download XODO PDF Reader For Android.


4. WPS Office + PDF:

The WPS portal is one of the best office applications for Android, which is integrated with good PDF reading features. You can open any PDF file from your vault, crop them, add bookmarks, print or save in cloud storage.

The WPS Office + PDF Editor is fast becoming popular while downloading games and has excellent multitasking features that easily integrate all official words, notes, scanners, PDF edits and more. You can say this is a feature rich app. Thanks to this, we can easily edit and annotate our PDF-files, and sometimes we want to change our document, here you will do it for free, you can download all of your office documents to other files, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF. Many others more. Download WPS Office + PDF Reader For Android.


5. Google PDF Viewer:

Google PDF Viewer is Google’s official Android PDF viewer. Looking for an easy tool to read PDF documents? Install the free Google PDF viewer app. Yes, it is light and there are only some necessary functions. However, it works quite well. In addition to opening and reading PDF files, you can search specific words or phrases inside the document, zoom in, select specific text to copy, etc. Please note that the application icon launches bar Will not appear on. When you try to open a PDF file, then the Android OS will display a list of applications that will allow you to open the file. Google Viewer will be useful for viewing in the list.

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