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Make Money Online in 2019: Top 3 Website That Pay $20 Per Hour

Hello Guys, Do You Want to stay at home and earn $ 20 per hour? Well, today I will show you 3 different sites that will pay you $ 20 to stay at home.

Top 3 Website That Pay $20 Per Hour:

Hey guys, what’s going on, and today I’m looking at 3 different websites that will pay you $ 20 to stay at home.

VIP Kids:

The first will be VIP-child, and it is more convenient if you are a teacher, and you can earn between $ 14 and 22 per hour. And what you have to do is learn online English, and you can choose your own hours. Now it will be very useful for you, and what will you do that you will learn English for Chinese children at the age of 4 to 12 and what will you do with these children? You “I’m going to talk to them one thing and you will teach them, you do not have to think about what to show, they actually give you a training plan for each call that you have. Follow the plan that they have given to you and teach them what is fluent in English. M. skills you need to register, then you have to do a college degree. You will also need a computer, a camera and even a headset, and a good internet connection.


The next website where you can work from home is and this software is a software that helps companies plan for any social media post. Therefore, scheduling publications in social networks is easy for them, rather than posting them manually. This is where you will be helped and you will be able to work 100% at home. They have people from 15 countries, eleven time zones and 42 cities.

Apart from this, when you join the buffer team, you also get all these benefits and benefits. You can work from a distance, you get stock options and you get paid. So actually get a steady income from home.

You get a laptop to install a home office as well as $ 500. You can have free books and a kindle free time frame for learning, learning and development, family holidays, health insurance, and smarter work.

Look for jobs there. You can see what jobs they have, and hopefully, you can keep a picture of your pet directly on the pets from the clips.

Test Time:

The next website where you can work from home, is called Tasting and it changes a little quiz in your world at a time. So the time of testing is such that it is a website that allows you to test other people’s digital products, and they need your help to make them better. And by checking this site you can earn up to 50 Euros per hour. So basically you have to register here and download the software, and then email will be sent to you, which will send you the available tests. And this is your right, and they will send you a digital product that they want you to test. Now, what you are going to do is that there are so many functions on the left. And then you have to go through all the various tasks that they want you to perform. And you just need to talk freely in the microphone. So speak out loud while doing all of these tasks, and you get it up to fifty dollars in an hour. They really want people around the world. You can help shape the future of products. You can try only a few fun and different.


The next website you can work from home is called 3-Play Media, and 3-Play Media is a startup in Boston, USA. {Space} It works with subtitles, audio transcription details, translations and subtitles. This will cost you ten to thirty dollars in one hour. So you can join the 3-Play media team here. And if you want to become a transcript editor then how you can work from home, and if you click on “Join 3PlayMedia”, then the transcript editor will be opened in English, as well as a transcript editor in Spanish. Click on the text editor in English and see what you need to do. So, basically, the editor of texts in English is that you will be given a text created by someone else, and you will correct it to make it beautiful. If they have written something wrong, then you will correct it. If the punctuation is wrong, then you will correct it and make it very good. In this way, to obtain the necessary qualifications, you need excellent written communication skills, you need to use grammar and punctuation. Experience with computer word processing, you should be able to type at least 75 words per minute. You need to work independently. You must be 18 years old. You must have a PC, Mac. You must also have high speed internet

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