Intel Optane Memory vs SSD Comparison: Which is the Best?

Today we talk about Intel memory optane. Now, Intel has sent me a pre-assembled PC so that you can see how to access the storage and what are the benefits of it for the overall performance of your PC. So without further ado, let’s actually visit the PC on which it is installed on the i7 Core, 8700 processor. Now we also have a motherboard on ZZ 370 and GTX 1070. Thus, we can display the gaming capabilities of our own machine with the Opten Memory module. We are testing it with 32 GB version, which is more optimal for a person like me.

Why is Intel Optane the best choice?

This content is enough for a short composition of the game and a slightly deeper user. There is also a 16 gigabyte model that is designed for a more general purpose, but is still delivering the same performance as 32 gigabytes of version. Now you can see that this module is a M.2 form factor and PCI Express uses the NVM connection to achieve maximum possible bandwidth and bandwidth based on the current generation of motherboards. Currently, this technology is based on 3D-memory drives, as well as on Intel drivers for fast data storage.

In fact, it runs between the processor and the slow speed – these are SATA devices, such as the mechanical hard disk. And whatever it does, it accelerates the process of communication between them, keeps the data and programs used frequently close to the processor.

Thus, the system can access it faster and more efficiently. Therefore, they increase the speed of the reaction and the overall speed of your order. Intel claims that using a certain method of memory acceleration, every daily test should be running very fast. For example, web browsing can be 5 times faster, running games can be 67% faster, and only your normal application launching and switching capabilities can be 28% faster than using a standard mechanical hard drive.

Comparison of Intel Optane and SSD:

One of the key advantages I see in Intel octane is that it actually creates a virtual disk that connects its memory with the actual mechanical hard disk with an opton. Thus, the operating system says that one of the great benefits of the big disk and this fact is that you can take advantage of the large capabilities that are almost at the speed of the mechanical hard disk SSD. Because, traditionally, what I did for it, many people use a small SSD for all their software and to install the operating system. Use a mechanical hard drive or several mechanical hard drives to store the games and all other types of multimedia files designed for storage, and then for long-term storage, working in harsh environments. Now we have a disc without this complexity. And I remember how in the past, when my SSD did not have enough space, I had to move all the important applications or everything that I had installed on another mechanical hard disk on SSD. But at the same time you can use five terabyte hard drives and still have the advantage of SSD. So it’s really innovative, and I think it’s quite comfortable.

Now we look at some of the performance benefits that Intel Intellectual Memory provides, rather than using only one mechanical hard disk. So we can see a more direct comparison. The big thing here is load time. Now I’m going to start my computer here, and it loads quickly. I only take seven seconds to go to the registration page, and maybe I go to the desktop after eight or nine seconds. So it’s crazy fast. Now, compared to using the hard drive, it took about 22 seconds to go to the registration page to reach the desktop in 25 seconds. Such a big difference in the context of load time, is definitely accurate. Now another test that we are going to do is search for specific files on our PC, and I’m going to find a logo that I did yesterday. So, I’m going to print the logo, and I did not have time to find it. In the following, one more thing we are going to do is find a spreadsheet, and in front of me is my Excel spreadsheet with 5 seconds. You might find out that it will not take almost any time, as soon as any high performing SSD

Apart from this, if you are going to use multi-tasking in difficult situations, then the opton is definitely capable of dealing with such situations. So now, to check this, I have a 4k background project running in the background, and I’m going to switch between my various apps on my hard drive from my web browser on my iTunes account, and pull it up to the calculator And everything else is sufficiently liable in case of switching between these applications. So it can actually be used on any high performance PC workplace.

Now another good factor associated with the opton is that it stores the actively used data and applications, and knows what you are doing later in the day, and they really want to launch large applications You can speed up the process that you often use. So for me, I use pre-roll every day and collect 4k files, and only 26 seconds to load all my media files and display high-quality preview songs when setting up the opt. On hard disk, it takes more than 48 seconds in the same scenario. Therefore, there is definitely a huge performance there. Now, finally, what we are going to do is to launch the game quick, so I’m going to run steam and start the project machines, and load time on octane is equal. It is superbly optimized compared to using a traditional mechanical hard disk. This will give you similar performance to SSD, and it will take about five seconds to get into the game compared to my mechanical hard drive.


So, of course, this is a great advantage, and the situation is further enhanced when it comes to the total load time in the game. By yourself, and the game probably pick up a lot of memory and memory capacity. This is a great solution because you can again install a five terabyte hard drive integrated with an OKen 32-gigabyte module, and dual-drive systems with solid-state drives and the same benefits as a large hard drive with no problem . That’s definitely a great system that many players probably need to integrate into their existing platforms. But other than those that are true, I definitely have to thank and thank you

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