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How to Install Windows 7/8.1/10 From USB

Welcome to Reebok Tech Blog. The boys of the 90s think that it was quite familiar to re-install Windows in the old days. You had to suspend the entire day, how to exchange all the floppy disks, and then, in a little less old days, you had to install the disc.

I mean, I do not even have a disk to catch it and you will show people how old this technique is. And then you have to download all your updates to the dial-up or whatever you prefer, but now Windows has made the installation process so much better that it is very fast and easy to install or update Windows And we are going to show you how to do this.

The best way to install Windows 7/8/10 from Boot Pen Drive:

Now one of the most important problems with the old methods of installing Windows is that you need this slow physical media, whether it is a floppy disk or optical disc, and many of us have optical disk drives in our system Not even there. But whoever writes scripts should remember that I am writing this, and I have an optical drive. In any case, this is not the case. As a result, if you do not have an optical drive, then you can use only an external reader, so you can get a USB drive, which gives you additional benefits of being able to use it on many systems, But you do not even go through it now. Times have changed, you can run Windows, and these may take 20 minutes. Thus, for all of you who have not installed Windows for a long time, these bottlenecks, such as disk read speed, usb flash drive ends up largely due to the advantages of giving us.

Therefore, the first step is to prepare the windows to collect their components. All you need is a flash drive of four gigabytes or more and an installation ISO. An ISO is only a disk image that can be easily copied to a flash disk, it is converted into a bootable disk. If you have a window of a CD in retail, then Windows offers convenient ways to get your ISO legally. We do not do piracy or anything like that. Just great for downloading them. So how to do this, if you have a CD key, you just have to go to Google search. Click on the link given below for the Windows 8.1 Google Search for ISO or the video for the official Microsoft manual, download the Windows 8.1 installer, enter the CD key and it will download iso for you.

After receiving this, you do not need the Windows 7 USB / DVD tool. I know what it says about Windows 7, but do not worry, it works for Windows 8 and allows you to generate bootable USB flash drives from a legitimate Windows. I’m starting to have all you need to do. The tool you point out is equal to 0.2 of your flash drive, and it will do everything else that will format your flash drive.

So make sure that you back up any important data.

Once it properly installs Iso on your flash drive, the next step may or may not be necessary depending on your settings. By connecting a flash drive to a USB 3 port, you would like to boot it, by going into the BIOS or by selecting the boot device during startup, which can be on the basis of your motherboard, like f2 + f11 + f12 / f8 , And it turns it into a motherboard from a different motherboard, but you can find it in the instruction booklet. After this, the installation of Windows should be quite familiar area at this time. You click on the wizard and start working very fast, read the data from the Strives and write it to the SSD. We completed the installation in just 11 minutes, and even with regular old-age hard drives, we were able to install Windows in only 24 minutes.

So friends, you can ask. Why do I need to know this?

Installing Windows is a process that everyone may need, but not everyone, but it is useful to familiarize yourself with it.

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