HyperX Cloud Alpha Review – Best Gaming Headset in 2019

What are the people here with Tech24News, and you guys have been asking this review for a very long time. So i’ll just do There is no special presentation required for this. This is a new Cloud Alpha Headset HyperX. Its price is $ 100 and it should compete with Logitech G 433, Sennheiser GSP 300, SteelSeries Arctic 5 and many others. If you are interested in reviews of these headset, I will publish a separate article so that you can see them.

As always, let’s start with the design and, interestingly, it’s not so different than the gaming headset hyperx cloud, in which you get the tone of red and black. I know the red and the dark accent. I think this is the standard color scheme for gamers. I can be wrong, in any case, you get the same color accents in the whole body, including the headband on the headband. However, hell, our matte metal surfaces were found on the previous cloud headsets, while with alpha you get a matte finish on the edges of your ears using the Hyperx logo and I like it.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Review:

But I would like to fully design black, because it is combined with other stuff. HyperX sold the original headset in many color configurations, and I hope Alpha will have these options in the near future. Construction quality was the main advantage of hyperos, even with the original headset, and Alpha does not disappoint again here. The aluminum frame is very flexible Yet it supports that structural rigidity. There are no signs of Squeex, and it is due to minimal use of plastic. But also how well the headsets fit together. The headband is not self-adjusting, and I like it for the other headsets in the opposite direction, which have metal frames around the headband, which will result in revelation, and it will bother. Fortunately, Claude Alpha was very comfortable to wear, the clamping effort was minimal, and I did not notice the head fatigue during my use, so it’s great. Adjustable sliders are well defined and are dense enough to prevent slippery.

Unfortunately, the ear pad can not rotate 90 degrees, unlike my younger brother, HyperX sting, which was one of my favorite features of this headset, but it is something you need to consider whether you Plans to put joints on their neck Branded memory foam around the ear cuff is equipped with different types of pillows to prevent the ears from contacting the drivers.

It is a headset for more than a year, and ear pads provide good sealing around the ears, and they were very comfortable to wear. It works well, separates the background noise, and at least the sound leak, so you can take it comfortably with you on a journey. Talking about the journey around the cloud, Alpha takes the crown for versatility. The supplied braided cable is removable, so it is easy to replace them. The boom microphone is also removable and connects to the headset via 3.5mm jack.

This modularity is highly appreciated because it is perfect if you want to use this pair to listen to music while traveling. The headset cable is 1.3 meters long, and has an built-in volume control that can be used to adjust the volume and mute the microphone. They are easy to reach and quite different. HyperX includes an extension cable that separates the stereo and microphone jack, and gives you an additional two meters length if you want to put it behind your PC. Now the braided cables are very thick. So expect a king to have at least formed, but when it comes to doing something, it causes some retaliation, so pay attention to it. They include a moving case that can be used to store a microphone and headset, so it is convenient. Like the Stinger, Cloud Alpha is also cross-platform compatible, which means you can connect it to Xbox One or PS4 controller or any other mobile device that accepts 3.5mm headphone / microphone input.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha Driver:

A small cable is definitely a reasonable connection, and it will definitely help in cabling in such situations. Removable microphone is quite flexible for fast speed. It shows the features of the elimination of the answer, and it actually works well. Separating background noise, as you listen to, I type text on a mechanical keyboard, and it works great to isolate the noise. My voice is natural and not very nose, so it should play well for the tape drive and, of course, Skype Call. Now let’s actually make a quick comparison with singer hyperx – this is a $ 50 headset and see how it compares to cloud alpha. And now you’re listening for gaming headset hyperx stinger, and $ 50.

The microphone is great, I mean, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the comparison between this and the cloud-based alpha version of HyperX. Do you think there was a significant difference between $ 50 headset and $ 100 headset? Tell me in the comment below. So, how the cloud competes with alpha games or normally with normal media consumption. In fact, a main feature of this headset is the implementation of dual-chamber drivers which provide good separation of low and medium frequencies. For me, as long as it feels great, it’s a win.

I really do not care about all the marketing tricks. Now my initial tests include listening to music, especially the tracks which emphasize the vowels, because I would like to see how drivers react to high frequencies. Cloud Alpha does a terrible job, which provides excellent connection with a large isolation between middle and low levels. Wish bass was a bit more powerful to fulfill this experience. It’s not scary, but bass is still present, and if you want, you can tune it with external amplifier or with its own equalizer. Then the game and the man, I had a lot of fun with this guy. I spent a few days playing Forsa Motorsport 7, and had to accept Battlefield 1 that it took time to perform, but it was worth it. So with the battlefield 1, the shots were booming. I was very aware of the situation during the gameplay, because I could separate my steps from the Andean environment, playing Foresha with this pair was just incredible. Take, for example, this gameplay. The simulation was in the rain of a jubilee crowd, blinking with the camera tire and more and the best part was that I was able to penetrate each layer during the game, and it completed the whole process. And besides, you have a comfortable plane, but a light body, what else can you ask for?

HyperX Cloud Alpha Review and Rating:


RGB Lights Yes No, not HyperX at all, do not even think about it. Because I’m still trying to wrap my head, the implementation of RGB on the gaming headset is really understandable. Ok guys, so I think it’s time to complete my thoughts on the HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset. You see that there are plenty of gaming headsets on the market. Today the end user is really hard to choose. Correct, who will cover and complete all their gaming experiences. Why people buy a gaming headset, above all, the use of a microphone, a good sound of the microphone and the cloud alpha channel HyperX, which provides excellent sound quality in this department. You can also not forget that the microphone is removable, so you can throw it in the bag to take it easy. And when you travel to work, just use these headsets, and in general you know that this is really a universal headset. I would really recommend anyone looking for a universal pair to complement the gaming experience, but I can use it even with my mobile device. Because smaller cables are also very smart. Because you do not have to worry about long-term gaming cables with some other gaming headsets, otherwise you have to deal with it. Now in the case of sound quality, Cloud Alpha provides a magnificent sound signature.

I highly recommend this headset, which wants to use this headset as a carrier, so you can easily know that you will definitely like the time when you listen to music, watch movies and Definitely play. Because it is very important to be able to separate the surrounding noise in your gameplay – it is important, and I think this headset did a great job to complete this experience. Wish bass was somewhat more powerful. But apart from this, it’s just a wonderful gaming headset. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new couple.

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