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Fortnite Stats Tracker: How To See Anyone’s Stats In Fortnite

Have you ever wanted to track yourself or your friends in the fortnight?

Tracking Fortnite Stats:

Because you want to see statistics, or you want to highlight anyone, or just want to know which YouTube statistics are the most important. So we are going to do exactly this today. I did not find it myself This is actually from an article of my friend yesterday.

And yes, I asked him. Obviously, you guys want to read and read this article.

I will put a link on this in the details So you can see the original article, you should pay tribute to the place where the loan should be, but what I am going to do today is to show you how to track your friends or yourself or almost anyone can do. Which plays fortnightly, and with the help of this simple 2-week tracker. So if I actually go to my tab, then I have people, they are open. So beautiful what we are going to do, we call this fortnight trekker dot com.

How to see someone’s figures in Fortnite 2019:

If you enter the Fortnight tracker on Youtube, it will appear here. I have a friend of mine, already, already set, so that we can see some people here, obviously, so that it is not showy. But just to show how it works. So he has Windows as a PlayStation, and he has an Xbox. So this is awesome. And then, if you actually click on the name you entered, you can scroll down and see, but you can clearly type it in the search bar, or the one on the screen Was there. So, this is a fake of my friend 199.

He also has a channel, so you can watch his time kicking, your top three-five and ten percent wins, his KD There are really stats here, which are not even for the night. Thus, they have the total number of wins, which is 35 the kills 1093.

So very good stats here And all this, obviously, these are such low rates They have statistics on a couple, and then they have statistics, so it is very good that maybe the best thing about it, but if you are interested, then also, for example, to see that How good you are, if we go here we go to leaderboards. If you want to see how well you have come into the sections of the YouTuber leaderboards like me, just to get it to the top and click on the leaderboard.

You’ll see it, so you have filters here, obviously, so if I go to the play station right here, you can click on the finish, and I’m going to do two solos here, and let’s see what this is is. Therefore Alex Rummy is undoubtedly the best PlayStation single player.

So that’s exactly what we are seeing here. So you can filter to see the best players that they can click on their name, and you can see their exact figures. So this is very crazy stuff. Obviously, if you look at his figures of Solo 1588, then he is very stupid, and it is too much.

You can not or do not do this by using this site so that you can track your friends on your own.

The reason for this is that I do not track myself because it is not legal to come. Like I am not afraid to show you my stats or anything else. You can ask a lot more than anyone, you can go to the comments section.

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