Fitbit Versa vs iconic Comparison: Which is Best Smartwatch in 2019?

Many people were very worried when Fitbits reached people last year. But today, if it was not yet possible, then see Fitness Tracker SmartWatch Fitbit Versa. Fitbit smart watches are not fixed as often as people think. Because nowadays, most people wear smart watches, or they use Apple Watch and it is rumored that Google will change the Android wear name to wear the watch. So, are we going to see a Renaissance and a smart watch, because Fitbit looks like this promising advice?

Fitbit Versa vs iconic Comparison:


We need a win here, because their fitbit is similar on ionic sales and is expected for this, let’s explore the new Fitbit version, which it will sell for the new Smart Watch in 9999, and start shipping in April Should design crossword The Fitbit version is very similar to the Apple Watch, and I think the Versat is much better than the fitbut ion. Fitbit Versa is a lightweight anodized aluminum case, and the choice of many colors should be available: black rose gold and silver. These are the specific colors for your $ 200. The version will come with colorful silicone bracelets. Or for $ 230 you can get a woven bracelet instead. And I think the graphite body and alternatively with the charcoal version.

And, as always, you can also bring bracelets on new verses and replace them with a leather bracelet that starts at the cost of $ 50, or you can also buy a stainless steel bracelet whose price is based on the bunker And for comparison it is $ 80 or $ 100. . Ionic FitBit starts at $ 300.

Fitbitt Bursa will do everything you expect, Fitbit smart watches will work perfectly on Android devices with Android or Windows.

This will track your steps to track your activity and sleep. This is proof of swimming. In this way, you can follow the real time and calorie burn during the voyage during the trip, which will show you the notifications.

You can store up to 300 songs on this, and it has an integrated NFC chip, so you can use it to pay for things. But only if you get a version for $ 230, and a quick response will work if you are using an Android device, the main difference between FitBit Versus babies is a little irony.

Does this fitbit versa use? Active GPS like Fitbit Ionic, which has built-in GPS. This means that if you are a runner and if you want to track your workout while using Versa, then you need to bring your phone with you, while with ionic you can leave your phone behind, because Ionic has the necessary tracking tools. Your position in yourself

In addition, Fitbit Versa’s battery life is four days, while battery life for ion batteries is five days. Depending on how you use your SmartWatch, the life of the battery will vary. Apart from this, during its organizing, Fibing announced that it will release a new feature for its application, so that women can bike if they want. But this feature will only be available for Versa or Ion users. Fitbitt also announced its new Fitbit, which can be worn for kids with a five-day battery life.

This is a small version of Fitbit Alta. They are at a lower risk for children aged 8 and above, and the idea is that parents of Ace parents have their children’s level of activity and sleep patterns, encouraging children to lead healthy lifestyle habits at an early age. And give a better sense of shaping.

I think it is great idea. But apart from that, the first thing is not everything that is different from the fitbit ion in terms of features.

He is going to do the same, but Versa does not have built-in GPS and small battery life. But since the Fitbit Ionic was not a megawatt, Fitbit expected them to be more fortunate with Versa.

It looks very cheap and looks much better, but comment below. What do you think of new verses? Do you think it feels better or worse than ionic? Are you pebbles? What do you think of this new smart watch? Would you like to pair your child with a fitness tracker, or do you think we will see another wave of new wearable gadgets when Google collects Andre again to master the SmartWat OS?

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