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Best Document Scanner APP For Android 2019

If you are looking for a quick way to scan documents without using a scanner, then you can consider your smartphone. Yes, your smartphone is capable of documenting and photo scanning!

Despite the fact that we live in a fast digital world, many organizations still print important documents on paper – whether it is a letter, contract, bank statement, invoice, receipt or educational material.

But technology, as often happens, can save time in the form of applications to scan documents. With their help, you can scan paper documents such as letters, receipts and contracts using the camera of your mobile device.

Being a scanner or printer for common use in 2019 is not a common phenomenon, because the phone makers and mobile app developers are easy to develop every day to make every process easier, which we need to do.

So how do you scan a document from your smartphone? Of course, there is no inherent way of doing this? And you are right, no – you need to download the app to do this.

In fact, the scanning app will use your camera on the back panel to scan your documents. He takes a snapshot of the document at the right time, and then does most post-processing to get the document’s high-quality scan.

In this article I will show you seven best free applications to scan documents on Android, keep reading and choose what you like best.

Best Document Scanning APP For Android

So let’s start the listing about best document Scanner Apk For Android.

Just keep in mind these document scanner apps use OCR Technology and use our Phone’s camera to scan any text from our documents, so it’s recommanded to use a decent camera phone that take photos clearly


CamScanner is one of the most reliable scanning applications on Android. You can scan anything as you wish, including the receipt. Processing is quick and simple, and there are options to convert to PDF or JPEG. Even in this there is also a file system that allows you to mark your scans and arrange in the categorized folders.

In addition, the app has an internal optimization tool that improves text and graphics so that they are quite clear and fast, and you can use optical character recognition (OCR) function to remove texts from images.
You can immediately print any document in CamScanner for the nearest printer through AirPrint; Select documents and faxes from apps in more than 30 countries directly.

2. Adobe Scan

People will like Adobe Scan. First of all, Adobe is a well-recognized and high-quality brand, so you know that you have a good scanning app. It is capable of scanning and processing the request very fast and has many editing tools in it. Adobe Scan will allow you to change the sequence of pages that you scanned.

When we talk about photography and photo editing, we can think of Adobe applications, but not about the app.
Adobe Scan allows you to capture and scan all of your documents and display them in a simple and convenient interface to share them in the form of images or PDFs you like.

Adobe Scan automatically detects limitations, optimizes sharpness, recognizes text (using optical character recognition) and achieves the best possible quality with the ability to edit PDFs and convert it to Microsoft Office File Automatically enhances your photos for Of course, Adobe Scan has all the things you need, including support for cloud services and email.

3. Tiny Scanner

A small and small scanning app that turns your device into a portable document scanner to scan any type of document and export it as images or PDF files.

You can use the instant sharing feature in the app to share documents scanned through Wi-Fi in your computer via Dropbox, Evranot, Google Drive, OneDiv, box, or using the Tiny Fax app. Can send fax directly to your phone.

They do not require any login information, so you can scan your documents as soon as possible after installation. Files can be saved in PDF format, and Tiny Scanner has the biggest support for cloud services. You can save almost any cloud service.

One of the best things about the tiny scanner is the automatic edge detection, which prevents deformation to give you a clear high-definition image. The tiny scanner allows you to scan in black and white and color modes.

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