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Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops in August 2019

Hi guys, Here I present brief and quick overview of the best gaming laptop of 2019. Hope you guys like it. So let’s start

Best gaming laptops in 2019:

CES 2019 was dedicated to gaming laptops today. I am going to take stock of the top five which I have seen. Stay informed.

5. ASUS Zephyrus S GX 701:

Generic, which says full mouth, but this is the updated version of the popular. Zephyrus laptop. 17 inch display comes this year.

She gets a new GPU series R-TX 2080, it’s just a very fun laptop. She is thin, very different There are all kinds of cool things that other creators do not.

4. Alienware Area 51m:

Personally, I am not a fan of the design of this laptop, but it provides some interesting features, including the ability to update the processor and graphics processor.

It opens all kinds of possibilities. For those who want to spend on gaming laptops and store it for many years

3. MSI GS70 5 Stealth:

Last year I saw GS 65 silently, which was updated here in CES, but now it has a 17 inch display, which makes it one of the thinnest 17 inch gaming laptops in the market. I am already a huge fan of GS 65, so I can not wait to get this hand.

2. Asus Madraship:

It’s just a crazy laptop, and I like to give credit to companies when they try to do something new. It takes Surface Pro Concept and turns it into a full desktop desktop PC.

It’s really weird, and I’m curious to see if it sells well or not, but yes, I want to say that the new design allows thermal ventilation. You will see in the performance of this gaming installation.

1. Shaving blade 15:

In position one, it is not surprising that the Razor blade 15 is sure that Razor always wins all of these prizes, but the Razerblade 15 now gets a lot of new things. For example, it is only outstanding. Now you have a Windows hello face recognition feature, which I have been asking for a long time, Function Keys have also been highlighted, and you get a new R-Tx 2080 2070 or 2060 graphics processor, which depends on this That’s what you want and what the budget is. Overall, Chevro 15 can now be the perfect laptop for gamers. Even if it’s super expensive.

Well, it meets my top 5 gaming laptop which I have seen in CES. But leave your comment down and tell me what you think about these 5 best gaming laptops and what you want to buy in the future.

Thanks for reading. Take care of everyone

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