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Acer Predators Helios 500 Review: The Gaming Beast in 2019

Hey how are you? Dave TD here a few months ago I made a video on the Helio 500 as the main I9 laptop, a very powerful laptop that was well-cooled in this particular package.

Acer Helios 500:

It also has Helios 500, but it runs on AMD hardware. Thus, this AMD works with the development of seven seven hundred as well as the AMD Vega 56 GPU. Thus, it is once again explaining the components put in the chassis, which has been proven, cools things very well. Now, which makes this laptop unique, what makes it different is the 8-core processor. Everything this year Intel has done six i7 i9 courses on its mobile hardware. These are all six-core processors.

This is an 8-core processor. Therefore, if you are working with a processor-based processor, then it will give you a better performance, I would like to take a look at this because I saw how good the processor is in desktop applications. I run this special processor for money on many excellent desktop displays, and they use the same processor here. Eight cores, therefore, is not so different on this device that compared to the previous version of Intel.

Acer Helios 500 (AMD) Review:

If you have many external monitors with free sync, then the screen is compatible with free sync. You want to connect it, but in terms of actual building quality and keyboard, trackpad and battery size, it is all the same. It was the only CPU and GPU that were replaced.

So let’s get the type of processor, first eight-development and seven seven and a half hundred are monsters. This is virtually the most powerful multi-core processor, now available in laptops. I mean, maybe some 18-core laptop can be, but from the point of view of being commercially available, these are the most powerful, and I have seen how overclocking software runs from AMD on a processor. And since this is a magnificent chassis, we can take advantage of it. I can get a good overclocking on this laptop, but nothing crazy. So on the desktop I could easily hit four GHz on each core.

But it is remarkable, this laptop allows me to hit 3.7 GHz on every core, which is really respectable. Now what is this, you can disable the kernel if you want to run just for games and so on, but what I was trying to do, I wanted to see how good it is for a multi-core application Was there. So I ran this thing on a bench in Sydney, and my highest score was between laptops, and this was the same with video rendering in the premiere.

It significantly speeds up rendering in i7 or i9 These two extra cores actually separate the GPU, and this is AMD Radeon Vega 56, and this is also a great card, I would say it is similar to the GTX 1070 performance, depending on the name of the song, the game is better or Worse.

I found that DirectX 12 games work better on AMD cards compared to game features on the AMD version of Helios, as a rule. 500 is good, but I would not say that it is better than the Intel version. Therefore, if you decide to decide whether to buy this version or version I9, for example, if you are in a situation where you choose between the two, then it really depends on this What you are going to do, if you are just playing games and all this you get this laptop. I’m probably more interested in I9 and GTX 1070 variants. This is a great system.

This system is more focused on people who are content creators, for example, if you or your editor are dealing with a three-dimensional work, such as 3D modeling or game development, two additional cores in the system and the system will allow you to run the Intel system Will provide better performance than. .

And it’s basically that this thing is an absolute monster for multi-core applications.

All right Hope you liked this article. See you soon

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